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~With light control function Projection Display Board

As a next-generation screen, board using films that can express high definition image quality without,

The dedicated power supply can instantly change the screen to transparent or opaque.

In addition, light control is possible, and still image and video can be projected clearly.

When making a presentation etc., it is a completely new projection board that can be written

with a dry erase marker while displaying the screen.

Item Number/KPB-002B/W

Projectable screen size/1,160mm x 730mm(54inch)

Outer size(mm)/1,300(W) x 720(D) x 1,560(H)

DC-AC conversion powerInput voltage DC24(V)、Output voltage AC30, 50, 60(V)switching function built-in

AC adapter/Made by MISUMI adapter(MACP-2410)

Input voltage/AC100~240(V)、Output voltage DC24(V)